When “News” Becomes Lies

The Democrat Mafia Media is deliberately lying to the American public. They want power and they will lie to get it. They had a pliable puppet in Obama whom they jerked and drove to do as they commanded. Hillary was going to be even more of a puppet. Hillary’s baggage and crimes would allow the Washington Post, NY Times and all the other members of the Mafia Media to exploit her to do more of their bidding. But the American voter didn’t let it happen. Hillary got five million illegal votes in Democrat states which outwardly encourage illegal activity by licensing illegals then casting votes for them.
This time the law will be applied as it should and illegal activity is already declining as are the prospects of Democrats and their media masters in the Mafia Media. No sane human can believe anything written in the Mexican Megalomaniac NY Times nor the Amazon Drone Washington Post. These papers are the source of all the lies attributed to anonymous sources and phantom memos by less than a dozen propaganda writers. Consider that less than 100 people are behind what is clearly an attempt to overthrow the will of the American voter. The chattering hate and violence heads on MSNBC, CNN, ABC, NBC, and CBS are being driven by a core group of crazies run by the LGBT who auto-tune their TV’s to Rachel Madcow and the South Carolina Redneck ‘Comedian’ to claim the public is watching their insane hate-driven rants and lies. No more are watching now than when they got orders to auto-tune their TV’s. Consider that only two million TV’s need to be auto-tuned out of the 360 million in the USA and the Mafia Media runs around propagandizing that this vile Democrat hate and violence fest is supported by Americans. It is not.
It no longer matters what’s on TV or in Print. 64 million Americans who voted for Trump and the 64 million who did not vote at all will return to the voting booth in 2018 and further remove Democrats from power. The current insanity shows us who they are. They are psychotic and cannot be trusted anywhere near power.


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