Odd TV Ratings

Why have certain programs shown odd increases in ratings like Madcow and The South Carolina Redneck? Auto-tune your TV to these shows before you go out drinking. Check the LGBT boards. These are the instructions. The gay mafia is driving the Trump frenzy. ‘News’ writers are gay, ‘news’ talking heads are gay, actors are gay. Rather than name them, it would be easier to name who is NOT gay because they are the minority in the entertainment and news media business.
Obama’s singular achievement in 8 years was unleashing the homosexual mafia. Obama’s four year high school relationship with an adult homosexual drug dealer is one of the core building blocks of his life.
Homosexuals are angry at everyone. They want revenge so this current psychotic behavior by Democrats is driven by the homosexual whip. Hillary and her 22 year sexual relationship with Huma was to be the next Obama. For Blacks, gay does not trump Black, so they did not turn out for Hillary. Five million illegal votes achieved with liberal allowances for driver’s licenses put her over the top on volume of votes but they were clustered in states like NY and CA.
If you just read and watch The Mafia Media, you think Trump is a disaster. If you talk to the 64 million who voted for Trump and the 64 million who were eligible to vote but did not vote, you see Americans upset with the vile behavior of Democrats and their puppet masters in the media. You can cite polls and the entrenched establishment but you will find out that 2% of the population – no matter how whipped up they are, how disturbed, how violent, how auto-tuned to Madcow in empty apartments, and how threating they are – won’t matter. Only the ballot box will matter. At that time, Democrats will be removed from all contention on all federal, state, and county levels but big cities where Mafia violence and corruption still work.
That’s it in brief. Keep up the insanity. It tells Americans who you are.


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