Fake Outrage of Sick People

The fake outrage concerning a few seconds of secretly recorded comments in bad taste (in a civilized society) by Trump pale in contrast to the constant flood of slurs, insults, homophobic attacks, violence, and racist programming that flows from Hollywood every second of ever day.  Just watch 5 minutes of ‘Two Broke Girls’ and you get the above and more.  I like 2BG.  However, I don’t like the selective hypocrisy of Hollywood and their Sycophantic Media who pulls the puppet strings of Democrat Politicians.

America has become a vile cesspool of degenerate media produced, written, and acted by some sick individuals in entertainment and Media who grasp for money like history has never seen before.  Like Devine in a John Waters movie, Hollywood and the Media that feeds off celebrity will force its audience to eat fecal matter for a buck. With the extreme volume of sickness displayed by Hollywood, is it any wonder the world despises America?

Next time you’re at a party, ask the host if he uses his wife’s mouth is a ‘cock holster’?  Go ahead, I dare you.  Record it and put it on Facebook.  It would be a good illustration of how this level of depravity goes over in polite society.


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