When “News” Becomes Lies

The Democrat Mafia Media is deliberately lying to the American public. They want power and they will lie to get it. They had a pliable puppet in Obama whom they jerked and drove to do as they commanded. Hillary was going to be even more of a puppet. Hillary’s baggage and crimes would allow the […]

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Odd TV Ratings

Why have certain programs shown odd increases in ratings like Madcow and The South Carolina Redneck? Auto-tune your TV to these shows before you go out drinking. Check the LGBT boards. These are the instructions. The gay mafia is driving the Trump frenzy. ‘News’ writers are gay, ‘news’ talking heads are gay, actors are gay. […]

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Fake Outrage of Sick People

The fake outrage concerning a few seconds of secretly recorded comments in bad taste (in a civilized society) by Trump pale in contrast to the constant flood of slurs, insults, homophobic attacks, violence, and racist programming that flows from Hollywood every second of ever day.  Just watch 5 minutes of ‘Two Broke Girls’ and you […]

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